Our Story

Bark ‘N Roll GROOMOURS,  is a state-of-the-art dog salon owned and operated by trained and certified pet professionals. We use only gentle, natural professional grooming products and shampoos along with humane equipment, and safe grooming practices. We will access your dog’s skin and coat to determine which shampoo formula is best or you may provide a vet prescribed shampoo if your pup requires it.


Our Dog Parlor is designed to make your pet’s grooming experience fun, positive and as stress free as possible. He or she will get a break between each grooming process and happily roam about in our play area where they can romp, socialize or rest on a cozy, clean bed. There is also separate space that can accommodate senior or quiet types and spacious, comfy kennels for the dog who prefers solitude.


Fresh water is available at all times and there’s always plenty of healthy treats to go around! Bark ‘N Roll Pups just can’t wait to come back!