Policy & FAQ

Appointment Times have a 30 Minute Window You will receive a text or call when we are on our way. We do our best to be punctual but there may be unforeseen delays such as a dog requiring extra time during the previous appointment, traffic, road conditions or emergency vehicle maintenance.

Reminder Call The day before your pet’s appointment you will receive a text or call as a reminder. Any concerns, questions, payment arrangements or grooming instructions can be discussed then if you will not be present for your pup’s groom.

Severe Weather In cases of heavy rain, snow, excessive heat or freezing cold, we will be forced to reschedule the grooming day as it will not be safe to operate the vehicle or perform grooming services outdoors. We will work with you to get your pup rescheduled as soon as possible.

Vaccinations Your pet’s rabies vaccination is required to be up to date. Titer test results from your vet will also be accepted stating that your pup has enough anti-bodies in their system from previous vaccinations and does not require additional vaccines. If your pup is not able to receive vaccines due to health issues or age, your vet may give written explanation along with any information regarding grooming limitations.

Matted Dog Release If your dog has excessive matting and it is not possible or humane to de-matt your pet by brushing, you will be required to sign a release form granting permission to do what is in your pet’s best interest which may require minimal to moderate clipping/shaving.

Payment Cash and checks are accepted forms of payment. Checks will be accepted after three regular visits with a new client. In the event a check is returned, any bank fees and the original amount due must be paid immediately in cash. (Credit cards are currently not accepted but will be in the future. My apologies for any inconvenience.)

Cancellation Life happens! In the event that you need to cancel your appointment, kindly do so at least 24-48 hours in advance but no later than 6PM the day before. If you cancel last minute, you will be charged for the appointment and payment must be received before scheduling your next appointment. Thank you in advance for your understanding.