What’s a mobile grooming spa?!…

Bark ‘N Roll GROOMOURS Mobile Dog Grooming Spa provides at-your-door grooming services in a state-of-the-art dog salon on wheels! The Mobile Spa is completely self contained with power, fresh warm water, heat, air conditioning and is equipped with a stainless steel bathing tub, an electric grooming table and a professional, high velocity hand dryer.

What’s it like for my Pup?!…

Our Mobile Spa is designed to make your pet’s grooming experience fun, positive and as stress free as possible. Only gentle, natural professional grooming products and shampoos are used along with humane equipment, and safe grooming practices. Your dog’s skin and coat will be accessed to determine which shampoo formula is best or you may provide a vet prescribed shampoo if your pup requires it. Aromatherapy and soft tones bring a positive, relaxing spa vibe and the one-on-one attention gives your pup the Rockstar VIP treatment he or she deserves! Fresh drinking water is available at all times and there’s always plenty of healthy treats to go around! Bark ‘N Roll Pups love it when we come back!

 Who’s performing the service?!…

‘Bark ‘N Roll” Bonnie! The van is owned and operated by Bonnie Kosko, a trained and certified pet grooming professional with over 10 years of experience, a love of caring for pups and a passion for the grooming industry. Bonnie left the corporate side of America in 2007 to pursue her dream of caring for dogs and earn her diploma in the pet grooming industry. She continues her education by attending classes, various seminars and trade shows annually. Her mission is to provide your dog a quality, stress free groom while giving your family peace of mind knowing their pup is in experienced, good hands!


Bonnie & Gypsy

Gypsy wears many hats! She is the Bark N Roll Manager, Mascot and above all- my best friend! We both look forward to visiting your pup soon!